Image: PaperCanoePrintables

I absolutely love beautiful art but my goodness, good art can be expensive! Still it’s something every room needs as a finishing touch so what do you do when your budget just won’t stretch as far as you’d like? How about thinking of some clever alternatives to wall art that won’t break the bank? Here are my ideas for wall art on a budget…

Print your own

Get some good quality fine art paper and print your own artwork! Head over to Etsy and search for printable art and you will find a whole host of cool, fun designs that you can purchase for as little as £3. It’s especially great if like me you have an A3 printer so you can print on a slightly bigger scale. The image above is one I recently purchased from PaperCanoePrintables.

flyingfairies copyIllustrate

I love vintage illustrations and many of these are perfect to turn into wall art. Scour charity shops and boot sales for vintage posters or books with illustrations in that you could scan and print to adorn your walls (if like me you can’t bear the thought of ripping pages out of a book!).

145d5da206cdcfaa83f1b78b24f29f0dImage: Eline Pelinkhof

Get crafty

You only need to type in DIY wall art into Pinterest to find some amazing inspiration and ideas that even the most unartistic type could turn their hand to. What about this amazing cross stitch art? I love it!


Try a tapestry

Sound old fashioned? You couldn’t be further from the mark, these days there are some very, very cool tapestries around. They great thing is they cover a large expanse of space and make an impact without costing you the earth. Check out Society6 for some great modern tapestries from £27.


got lounge-artwork

Look for bargains

Head to your local Tkmaxx and keep your eyes peeled for gorgeous prints at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere. One of my all time favourite prints, above, comes from this shop and cost me less than £20.

Have you any good ideas for creative wall art on a budget?