Almost 4 years ago we took Each to Cadbury’s World for his 3rd Birthday and over the last couple of months he has been asking to go back, fascinated by the chocolate process, cacao, coco, chocolate and all their different tastes, I’m also pretty sure he remembers the free chocolate samples as well…..

My sister and I had a rare weekend off work together while the Hubby was working so I went online to book tickets as they give you a 5% discount when booking online and it guarantees you entrance.

We arrived early (our tour was not until 14.20) as we wanted to see the other bits before the tour started, so we could just hit the motor way when we had finished.

When we arrived we collected our tickets and got the kids an activity pack each, full of stickers and things to do while there and also when we got home. We headed outside to being our chocolate story…….


We queued up for the Chocolate Adventure 4D cinema, which was around 15 minutes and with a 2 year old not wanting to do as she’s told it seemed like forever, however when we made our way into the cinema it was a fantastic 10 minutes. We all had 4D glasses, and took our seats. Each and Peach were both mesmerised by the film, which was a roller coaster that came to life with the glasses. We all laughed at the moving seats and screamed when the roller coaster went round the loops and down the drops  fully enjoying every second.

Next we headed to the Bournville experience where Each was fascinated by a large-scale model of the factory and the mock-up shop that housed Cadbury products of the last 100 years.

Then out to the African Adventure play area that was sectioned into different zones, for different ages. Hours of fun to be had on all of the wooden climbing frames, crazy slides, and animal rockers. I was super impressed to see that one of the 3 zones was designed for wheelchair users, not something you see everywhere so big well done to Cadbury’s world for this. Peach even managed to get a cuddle with the Caramel Bunny.

PicMonkey Collage 2

On to the most exciting part of the day, the factory tour. We went back to the main building to queue up for our tour time, although it is not a guided tour, they only allow a set amount of people through for each time slot, meaning that there isn’t too many people in each area. Each and Peach excitedly handed over their tickets and their little faces lit up when we were handed over 2 bars of yummy chocolate each, a Crunchy and Curly Wurly. Munching on their chocolate we entered the Aztec Jungle, following the tour through the different zones with the yummy smell of chocolate filling the air. Along our chocolate adventure we were given another bar of delicious Cadbury’s chocolate, a Marvellous Creations Rocky Road Bar. I love rocky road, it was so yummy I wanted another one.

We got to see parts of the factory where the packing up of all the Cadbury’s creations takes place and see all of boxes whizzing along the conveyor belts, heading to the shops ready for sale.

Then onto the Cadabra ride, a little purple and yellow car with enough space for 4 people or 5 with a toddler on your knee. Into a world of chocolate with coco-beans fishing, talking, skiing and having lots of fun throughout the journey. Both Each and Peach loved the ride and enjoyed pointing out different things with excitement building as we turned each corner, waiting to see what was next.

Next came the chocolate making, where we were each given a pot of molten chocolate and the option for 2 toppings, I went for the same as Each we had pieces of crunchy and marshmallows, while Peach and my sister went with chocolate buttons. I can not begin to explain how scrumptious it really was, we all demolished them quickly.

A walk through the advertising campaigns over the years, from the roller coaster, the Caramel Bunny to the drum playing Gorilla, before arriving at the gift shop.

Each chose a small Freddo Frog toy, while Peach fell in love with the Mini Egg Parrot, I picked up a kilo bar of dairy milk for the Hubby, believe it or not he likes chocolate more than me………..

So, with two very exhausted children after having had a wonderful day at Cadbury’s World, we headed home.

What’s your favourite chocolate bar? Mine’s either a Double-Decker or a Fruit and Nut…….. yummy.

Love Always