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My love for all things Emma Bridgewater started a couple of years ago. Emma Bridgewater began in 1985 and is a very British Husband and Wife business, based in Stoke-On-Tent. They make some of the most beautiful items of pottery I have ever seen.

A couple of years ago I first started looking at all of the beautiful designs and the first item I got my hands on was the Rose and Bee large tea-cup and saucer. It was bought for me as a mother’s day gift from Each and Peach and is my everyday tea-cup.

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(Image:- Jane Down the Lane)

A year on, a collection of mugs and a tea-pot later while browsing through the web site I fall madly in love with the Wall Flower pattern. It’s a mix of beautiful flowers lovely vibrant colours that remind me of my Grandparents garden. The 1 1/2 pint jug, was what caught my eye, I had visions of beautiful flowers picked from our garden or the ones bought for me by the children or theHubby and after a month of dreaming about this and finding the perfect place on the window sill I placed an order.


(Image: @emmabridgewater)

When my ‘can’t live without’ jug arrive, I was super excited, I quickly set about clearing space and getting flowers picked. I was not disappointed, my visions coming to life. I was pleased that I read the reviews, to see that it was perfect for flowers, ok it wouldn’t hold a beautiful designer bouquet however it is just right for a bunch of daffodils or tulips, just look how pretty it looks with wildflowers.


(Image: @emmabridgewater)

I just love to have fresh flowers in the house, they make me feel happy, even on a gloomy rainy day I think flowers brighten things up. I’m not fussy about what type they are, just like us every flower is beautiful in its own way.

My love of all things pretty continues and I have no doubt that I will share many more of my ‘must have’ items along the way.

Next time you head into a charity shop or car boot sales, keep your eyes pealed for Emma Bridgwater items, I know lots of people have recently found amazing old and rare pieces for their collections. I know each time I pop in I have a look, I have yet to find anything for my growing collection.

What’s your next must have item?

Love Always