spring face

Image source: Elegala.com

Out of the both of us, I’d say I’m probably not quite as into hair and beauty as Sarah. She knows all the fancy makeup brands and loves experimenting with shades and techniques. These days (as a new mum for the second time) I’m pretty lucky if I make it out of the house with some mascara, a smear of lipstick and my hair brushed. Still I like to ‘like’ makeup and hold out hope for a day I will have time to actually make up my face for longer than 2 minutes. You know the day I could actually put eyeliner on, one hand free to hold my eye still (from the constant exhausted eye twitching) the other to do the handy work rather than attempting to put mascara on in the reflection of the oven door, holding babe on one hip as I’m flying out the door which is pretty much my daily norm.

So perhaps it’s ironic that I’m looking at the Spring trends in beauty, seen as my staple hair down, mascara and lipstick combo has carried through from Summer into Autumn into Winter into Spring for the last year. Nevertheless I thought it would be good inspiration (and a kick up the bum) for myself and those readers who are interested in makeup to take a look and what’s going to be all the rage this Spring / Summer. And the first thing I’ve discovered is that the days of no makeup makeup are over. Shit, I was counting on that…

These days it’s all about:


Image source: Marie Claire

Red apple lips – Red has always been cool but its this particular shade that is THE red to wear.


Image source: Stylecaster.com

Blue eyeshadow – Eeek blue? Erm if I attempt this it will be with caution and not in combination with red lips. I do not need to look anymore like Pat Butcher than I already do (which is hopefully not a lot)


Image source: Harpers Bazaar

Peach / Pink eyeshadow – Well we love a bit of peach and this spring, along with some great pink shades, it’s creating a lovely soft, girly look on the runway which we can easily transfer to the every day.


The messy bun – Now we are talking. This is one hairstyle I can do with ease.


The wet hair look – Slicked back, wet look hair like you’ve just got out of the shower. Or alternatively you could actually have just got out of the shower or not washed your hair at all te he…

The fabric ponytail – The one and only way to upgrade your ponytail is by adding a fabric accessory but I’ve done this on Pear’s hair recently so it should be a doddle!

Did you enjoy reading about the trends in beauty for spring as much as I did? I will definitely be heading to town to invest in a new candy apple lipstick and giving the fabric ponytail a try and I might, just might attempt the blue eyeshadow… Which Spring trend will you try?