(Image:- Chris Dunn Illustration)

Little Peach has always loved a bed time story, in fact she has always loved books and will often get out a book to sit with me or the Hubby to read. Each has even read her a few books, when she has asked him nicely and he is in a good mood. Sometimes we make silly noses or actions to go along with the book or point out different things in the pictures from the rabbits hiding in grass to mice in the ‘That’s Not My’ books, it’s all about making reading fun.

Both Peach and I love those 10 minutes of quiet just before bed time, all snuggled up in bed together. Peach will normally pull out whichever book catches her eye but we have a few firm favourites that I wanted to share with you.

Firstly there is Pepper Pig’s Easter Egg Hunt, a firm favourite which gets taken out of the shelf 2 or 3 times a week. This book was an Easter gift from a close friend of mine for her 2nd Easter, Peach loves to sing along to the little song at the end.

Having watched The Stick Man numerous times since it was shown on TV at Christmas, The Stick Man is now up there as a popular bedtime story choice in our house, with his ‘Stick Lady Love, and his Stick children three’.


We bought Peach a Hide and Seek Bunnies book from Usborne¬†Books a while ago, the joy on her little face opening each of the flaps to see what is behind, never fades. She’s still excited to open up each door to see, even when she knows what is going to be there. Little animals hiding in the bushes, in the grass or behind a tree, we now count how many Bunnies we can see, looking at the other animals and creatures on each page.

One of my favourite bedtime stories is Room on a Broom, I just love the way the story flows, it was one I regularly read to Each when he was younger and now I get to re-live my love of the story with Peach.


The Tale of Peter Rabbit was one I remember reading when I was little with my Mum, I had and still have the full collection of Beatrix Potter books, that are hiding away. Now with Peach’s love of ‘Babbits’ we love the story of naughty Peter Rabbit.

What is your little ones favourite bedtime story?

Love Always