steakI don’t know about you but one of the most frequently asked questions in our house is ‘What shall we have for tea?’ It’s more often than not met with unenthusiastic grunts of uncertainty. Playing ready, steady, cook every day is more than a bit tiring… and I still haven’t discovered what you can make from a red pepper, half a melon, fromage frais and a babybel..

One day last month I received a voucher for Hello Fresh with some online shopping I’d had delivered. Normally I’m a bit of a nightmare and all those lovely vouchers end up straight in the bin (I know, I know what a waste but I’m just not a vouchers kind of girl!) but I must have been feeling hungry. Hello Fresh is a weekly recipe box service, delivering recipe cards and fresh, quality ingredients to make you a tasty dinner for 3, 4 or 5 nights a week. I headed to the Hello Fresh website and after quickly filling a form in I was set to receive my Hello Fresh box the following week.


Monday came around quickly and I efficiently received a reminder that my delivery driver Julian would be delivering my Hello Fresh between 12:15 and 13:15. I wasn’t going to be in so I popped online to ask them to leave it in a safe place. When I returned home a large cardboard box was waiting for me, cleverly packed with cooling elements so all my ingredients were still nice and chilled. I unpacked them excitedly – it felt a bit like Christmas! Unpacking my shopping from the supermarket was never this exciting? I even enjoyed laying out my fridge! Taking a look over the recipe cards included, I read over the instructions which seemed relatively straight forward. We opted for the family pack which means a family friendly set of recipes with sections highlighted for your children to help you cook dinner. The weeks recipes were: Spanish chicken, Steak tagliata, Sausage encroute and Creamy pasta with peas and bacon. Yummy!


The first night we opt for Steak tagliata and Pear is super eager to join in and help me cook. She too is excited by all the little pots of ingredients (Hello Fresh provide you with just the right amount for your recipe) and is busy arranging them for us to start. The recipe is pretty easy to cook, slightly more complicated than we would normally attempt on an average Monday but we get stuck in excitedly. Within 40 mins we have created a divine smelling recipe that looks restaurant worthy. We decide to play restaurants and serve the meal like we are waitresses, proud of our creation. It goes down amazingly well with the whole family, the steak is super tasty and the peppercorn sauce is literally the stuff of dreams, it tastes so heavenly we want to drink it like a milkshake. Pear actually eats rare steak for the first time ever. She tries the peppercorn sauce and ‘quite’ likes it and wolfs down the yummy rosemary roasted potatoes and oven roasted broccoli. Its a huge thumbs up from everyone and we are excited for the rest of the weeks menu.


Night 2 is Spanish Chicken and Pear decides she doesn’t fancy it because it has paprika in it and she thinks it will be spicy. There is no talking her round so she has a jacket potato for dinner and we make Spanish Chicken later in the evening for us. It is absolutely delicious and we enjoy every morsel. The portion sizes are so good that we can both have it for lunch the next day. Result!

The next day is sausage encroute or as my other half says, a giant sausage roll. Littlelish really enjoys helping to make it again, she loves anything involving pastry. The sausage encroute comes with a lovely salad and red onion marmalade which we all agree is divine. I’m really liking the fact that we are eating so varied throughout the week, it makes a really nice change from our weekly regulars.

creamy pasta

Lastly it’s the creamy pasta recipe which my other half decides to cook. He actually really enjoys cooking the recipes too and it’s great to have him help out in this way as normally the kitchen is more my domain. He particularly likes the more adventurous dishes and following a recipe from start to finish. I love it that he wants to cook too and the meal taste fantastic so even better!

We decide Hello Fresh is really great and we love the variety and interesting new recipes that it introduces us to. Whatsmore because you have all the ingredients and you HAVE to cook them you do, otherwise I can imagine you might talk yourself out of cooking such lovely recipes by being lazy and just throwing a jacket potato in the oven. And by you I mean me… Sometimes being forced into it is the only way! We continue to order for another three weeks and the recipes are equally as impressive and include an amazing Chicken Curry by Jamie Oliver, Smokey Lamb and Sweet Potato Hotpot and Korean Beef Bulgogi.

smoky lamb hotpot

After three weeks of deliveries we decide to take a break and evaluate whether or not we want to continue. We need to figure out if the pros outweigh the cons.

The pros being

  • The excellent healthy recipes
  • Great quality food
  • Not having to meal plan or think about what you want to eat
  • Great portion sizes
  • Receiving the correct ingredients in the right quantities so the preparation time is less
  • Recipes for families with special instructions for little ones to help you
  • Getting the children involved means they want to try new things (sometimes!)

The cons

  • Not quite family friendly enough for our 6 year old even though she is a good eater
  • If you don’t fancy cooking and have to it can be a pain (I struggled a few days with a newborn baby)

We revert back to our old ways and once again feel totally uninspired by food in general. In the meantime I’ve told everyone how awesome Hello Fresh is and my mum, sisters and friends are all getting their recipe boxes and I’m totally jealous! So we’ve decided to reactivate our account but change it to a two persons delivery so we don’t have to worry about whether or not Pear will eat it. Cooking for just the two of us later on in the evening will also take the time pressure off rushing to get it done in time for Pear to eat. Our new delivery will be arriving next week and I’m excited to see what Hello Fresh has in store for us again.

Do you fancy trying Hello Fresh? Follow this link for 25% off and let me know what you think!