pariseiffelI’ve always loved getting away for city breaks, there is something so exciting about jetting off for the weekend for adventures in a new city. And of all the cities to visit in the world, Paris is one destination I will never tire of. Beautiful walks, treelined avenues, art galleries and boutiques, antique markets, romantic bistros and street side cafes – it’s the perfect destination for couples but can you also do Paris with kids?


Last year, before the arrival of Baby Plum, back when we were 3, we took a trip to Paris for my birthday weekend. With such fond memories of Paris as a carefree twenty something, I was unsure how the experience would be with a 6 year old in tow. I’m glad to report that we had a fantastic fun filled weekend and now my fondest memories of Paris are being there together as a family…

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Paris with your little ones? Here are some ideas for fun things to do on a weekend in Paris with kids!


Chocolate Love…

Well I don’t know about you but it’s the key to my heart. There is no better way to start the day in Paris than to visit a traditional side street cafe that serves freshly baked pain au chocolate, crepes and hot chocolate. What a breakfast, Pear loved it – she’s her mothers daughter alright!


Round and Round!

Why not head over to the Eiffel tower and find the beautiful classic carousel which is perfect for entertaining your little ones while you snap some great shots of the Eiffel tower. There are some great animals and means of transport to travel on, as you can see Pear chose the tiger!


Play at the Musee D’Orsay…

We were sceptical about attempting an art gallery with a 6 year old. Although she loves places like the Natural History museum, we were worried this might be a step too far. When we clocked eyes on the queue to La Louvre we knew it was a no go and we would all be bored to tears waiting for 2 plus hours to get in. We decided to pay a visit to The Musee D’Orsay as it is one of my favourite galleries. We looked at a few rooms with paintings but Pear was more interested in the sculptures in the central hall. I’d suggest going on a bear hunt and finding the Polar Bear sculpture by François Pompon and taking a trip up to the top floor to see the back of the giant clocks and a magnificent view over Paris.


Up, up and away!

Located in the Place de la Concorde you will find a giant Ferris Wheel and what child doesn’t love a Ferris Wheel? The ride is about 10 minutes long and you get the most fantastic view over the city which will mesmorise you all! Look out for the Sacre Coeur glistening up on the hill.


Head to the park

Throughout Paris you will find many hidden little play parks. Our favourite is in the Jardin des Tuileries, head over here for hours of play fun in the most perfect park setting.


Say Cheese!

Have you tried Raclette? Oh my goodness, if you like cheese, this is the dish for you. We found a traditional Parisian restaurant and ordered Raclette to share between us. Raclette is a type of cheese which is melted between two hot irons into a gooey, sticky cheesy river. You are provided with cold meats, bread and vegetables to dip into the cheesy goodness for maximum yum. It is delicious and a fun experience for the family. If your little one likes cheese I’d definitely recommend this one. It’s making my mouth water at the thought mmmm.


Hey Mickey you’re so fine…

Pear knew very well that Paris is home to Disneyland and of course was desperate to go. As it was my birthday weekend and I didn’t fancy it (funny that!) we decided to compromise by paying a visit to the Disney store on the Champs Elysees. Impressive and full to bursting with exciting Disney toys, we managed to ease the pain of not going to the actual Disneyland somewhat. Be prepared to get your wallet out though!

Have you taken your children to Paris? Do you have any other pearls to share with us?