Even though we are entering June, we still seem to have so many Easter Eggs left. I have found that Each and Peach have had enough of eating chocolate now the excitement of Easter has passed. With boxes still sitting unopened on top of the fridge and cupboard, I wondered what to make from the left over Easter eggs.

I thought it would be fun to smash them up and make some yummy rice crispy cakes with them, so I bought some paper cupcake cases, Rice Krispies and mini marshmallows so we could get started.


We used the muffin trays and put the paper cases into each one.

I opened all of the boxes and got Each and Peach to unwrap each one then smash them into little pieces which they had great fun doing!


Bioling a pan of water on the hob, I placed a bowl on top with all of the smashed up chocolate. While the chocolate started to heat, I gave both the kids a big bowl of Rice Krispies with strict instructions not to eat too many!


Stirring the slowly melting chocolate until it was a smooth liquid, I removed it from the heat and split it between them, getting them to stir in the chocolate, making sure all of the rice crispies got covered in chocolate. Then we added some mini marshmallows to give the cakes an extra gooey taste.

On to spooning the mixture into the cases, the messy part, which was a lot of fun and meant little hands and fingers got covered in chocolate. Once all the cases were full we went onto the best part, licking the spoon! Their little faces were covered in chocolate but for the half an hour of fun it created, the mess was well worth it.


After an hour of setting time and a cup of tea we sat down to enjoy some yummy rice crispy cakes made with our left over Easter eggs


Do you have any brilliant ideas of what to do with left over easter eggs?

Love always