dad19th of June. It’s the day we get to show the men in our lives, beloved fathers to our children and our own daddies just how much they mean to us – Fathers day! I don’t know about you but I find men possibly the most awkward, difficult people to buy for. They are practical creatures, if they need something they go out and buy it. The majority aren’t enamoured by shiny, smelly or cute things like we are and if they have a hobby then they’ve already received every present under the sun even slightly related to it! So basically you are left with the option of technology (which let’s face it all men love) as a remaining option which can be expensive and a bit impersonal.

So what do you get for the men in your life who have everything? Here are some ideas (click on the images to take you through to the relevant links)…

For gadget geeks

Ooh this is so handy we want one too. For when you need both your arms but want to hold your tablet too, these would be super handy for watching tv in the bath, not that we do that right? £29.95 from Prezzybox


A super handy wireless touch speaker using Near Field Audio technology to project the sound. You simply lay your phone on top and the speaker does it’s thing! £16.95 from Prezzybox.


For Daddies who love to travel

How to spend 36 hours in 125 different cities across Europe £24.95 from Handpicked gifts… maybe some ideas for romantic city breaks for the two of you? Hint hint…



What about this beautiful leather travel bag embossed with initials by Vida Vida at Not on the high street £45


For space lovers

Check out the stars together with this Stellarscope £29.95 from Handpicked gifts

stellarscopeCheck out this very cool handmade blueprint of the Space Shuttle Discovery £20.50 by Spacemonkeypress on Etsy


For your bearded beauty

A comb to groom his wild and wonderful tash for £12.75 from Woodpaperscissorsuk on Etsy

beardcombSmother him in kisses to get a sniff of his scented beard with beard oil from the Dapper Duke £7.50 Not on the high street

beardoilFor your food lover because it’s the quickest way to a man’s heart….

Personalised BBQ tools to win him extra cool points with the other Dads £30 from Auntie Mims on Not on the high street


A taster box of some of Yorkshire’s finest beers from independent local brewers £30 Not on the high street


Hope that’s given you some food for thought, however you end up celebrating we hope you have a lovely day Daddies! We love you x