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My Mother in Law has alway been über healthy and always spoken about reducing carbs in your diet, eating less meat and after she conducts more and more research, more and more advice comes our way. I can’t say that we have always followed her advice but we generally have a fairly healthy diet (I say eating a bar of chocolate haha). Don’t get me wrong, there might be one or two takeaways that make it into our house each month.

A friend of mine Kate, is a new vegan and she has this amazing little blog and I have been reading each of her posts over the last couple of months. As a vegan newbie, she talks about recipe ideas and her various vegan troubles along the way. The Sunny Vegan Kitchen blog has really made me think more about what I’m eating and about clean eating and dare I say considering a Vegan diet.


So I have decided that June is my trial month! I’m going to try to persuade the Hubby to do it with me, he is however a real meat lover. When I asked him what he thought about having one month eating vegan, he was not keen to say the least. So I tried a different approach, what about 3 days a week? Again he wasn’t too keen. Oh well, I’m still going to go for it anyway and if I need to I shall do something along side for him.

During May I already started to try and change items, quickly swapping milk for soya milk or almond milk and adding extra vegetables. Now I’m fully vegan and who knows, my meat free June, might turn me into a clean eating vegan lover. Hopefully I will enjoy elements and make some life long changes.

I can not wait to try lots of new dishes, look how yummy this quinoa salad looks…

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I will keep you posted with how I get on. Don’t judge if I go wrong but laugh with me along the way.

Have you considered making the change to a vegan diet? Do you have any tips for me?

Wish me luck

Love Always




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