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Last week we shared with you our gift guide full of ideas for treating Dads everywhere. But if the Dad in your house is anything like ours the things he most appreciates come in the form of squishy hugs or on a plate. Fathers day needn’t be about spending lots of money to show you care, it’s the little things that count. On mothers day I like breakfast in bed, homemade cards from my girls and lots and lots of hugs…ok and maybe some pretty flowers.

Dads are no different really, a yummy breakfast in bed and lots of cuddles and you are on to a winner, right Dads?

If you are looking to show the Dad in your life that you care without spending the world why not make or even better get your little people to make homemade gifts for dad! Here are some lovely ideas we’ve found on our travels. Let us know over on facebook or twitter if you decide to give any a try.

A funny face breakfast – Get creative with your little ones and make Dad’s portrait for breakfast. Super fun and guarenteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

dad breakfast 2      dad breakfast 3      dad breakfast 4

Image: Funnyfoodart.com

Spell it out – I love this breakfast, it’s such a cute idea! You could write love like in the picture here or DAD. And let’s face it who doesn’t love doughnuts and muffins for breakfast?


Image: Acmoore.com

How about getting the kids to hand make a card. I thought this one was especially sweet and simple to make for little ones of all ages.


Image: Teaandtoast.com

Make him his own special mug – I love the simplicity of this home made gift. The lady who made these went out and bought plain white mugs for next to nothing and customised them (super effectively I think) with a sharpie! I think this is such a fun idea and so so simple to do that I’m off to get some plain mugs in the morning.

mugs to make

Image: http://www.designmom.com

The key to his heart – Take inspiration from http://www.minieco.com (amazing site by the way) and create THE coolest key hanger ever. Another DIY I’m definitely doing and I know Sarah and her family will love this too. I’m thinking a his and hers version for our house would be awesome! We will probably need a thicker lego block for our huge set of keys though!

lego key holder

Image: http://www.minieco.com