Last weekend I attended one of, if not the biggest blogging conference of the year, BritMums Live, thanks to our sponsor Just Us Box. 

For me it was the first big opportunity to attend a blogging conference with my blogging bestie and collaborator Lucy who also blogs at Lish Concepts and the chance to get both Each Peach Pear Plum and Just Us box out there.

The morning of BritMums came round very quickly with a 4.45 alarm call. I collected Lucy and we headed for the train station for our 6.17 Virgin train to London Kings Cross. We travelled first class which was a lovely treat and included breakfast, cups of tea, bottles of water and of course that all important WiFi we needed to post on Instagram! Our journey allowed us time to finish off our make up, we could hardly attend BritMums looking like we had been awake for hours even though we had! In true blogger fashion we obviously needed a selfie taking session while we still looked fresh faced…

travel 1

We took the time to study the agenda again, making sure we knew which of the talks we wanted to attend for the breakout sessions. As I am still very new to blogging and have lots to learn it would have been handy to attend them all. Even Lucy agreed the most experienced blogger always has plenty to work on and improve.

We arrived at Kings Cross Station at 7:40 before jumping in a Black Cab (something new for me) and heading across London to the venue of the Brewery. We spent time tweeting and sharing our excitement on social media. We arrived at the Brewery a bit early but it allowed us to relax in a nearby bar that was already open and serving breakfast. Lucy had a rather yummy looking de-caf Latte while I had a pot of tea.


Registration started at 9 O’Clock and we got to speak with and meet lots of other lovely bloggers, collecting our name badges on the way into the main room.

Walking into the large conference room, it was the first time I could really understand the scale of BritMums, even though I had read lots about it. I had never attended anything like it before and I thought it was beautifully set out, with round tables and chairs all pointing towards the #BML16 logo on a banner above the stage. Small pastries, muffins, tea, coffee and the yummiest of smoothies in cute little milk bottles were all waiting for us.

Finding a table we sat down and got talking to some lovely bloggers before Jen and Susanna, the founders of BritMums, took to the stage to welcome everyone and explain a little bit about the day and how BritMums started. We played pass the parcel as an ice breaker, Lucy and I just missed out on winning a beautiful necklace by Merci Mamam.

One of the first keynote speakers was Anne-Marie Cockburn a truly amazing Mummy who is dealing with the death of her beloved 15 year old daughter Martha who died after taking an ecstasy tablet. Anne-Marie spoke with us about her thoughts and feelings in the days, week, months and years since Martha’s death and how writing her book 5,742 really helped her. There was not a dry eye while listening to this courageous lady speak.

ice cream

After the keynotes we headed to The Hub where Affilinet had the most amazing Ice-Cream man, making ice cream to order using liquid nitrogen. You could either choose your flavours to add together or go with their tried and tested flavour combos. Lucy went for a Kinder surprise icecream while I chose a Mr Twix, which was amazing. In fact I would go as far to say it was one of the best if not the best ice-creams I have ever eaten, YUMMY!!!!!

We played tennis and I realised just how competitive Lucy actually is! I was happy with a nice little rally, but NO Lucy was all about the attack, I was having to dodge the balls that were hurtling towards me! We got to put our team work to the test as we played doubles against some other bloggers.

We met with some fantastic brands in the Hub and had mini cakes and drinks before heading to a breakout session about making the most of your blog. It was an informal chat style session with bloggers and the company affilinet on hand to answer anything people wanted to know. The speakers were definitely inspirational and we learnt lots about how to up your blogging game!

food 1

We had planned to attend a couple of other sessions however we ended up back in the Hub connecting with some more amazing brands and other bloggers. Lucy knew quite a few of the bloggers there and was kind enough to introduce me to them. Time flew by really quickly and before we knew it, out came the BritMums 5th Birthday cake (that tasted absolutely divine!)

birthdayWe did attend the next keynote which was a chat with what can only be described as a mad, passionate lady with a wicked sense of humour, Cherry Healey. She was brilliant. I sat there crying with laughter as she spoke about her new book ‘Letters to my fanny’ (yes really) with such enthusiasm.


Then on to the bloggers key note, which included a few different bloggers reading their best post of the year. Some had me crying tears of laughter, others tears of sadness.

The Brilliance in Blogging (BiBs) party followed after and prosecco and birthday cake were served up to everyone.

We said our thank you’s and good byes, collected the all important goodie bags (which the kids adored) and jumped into a taxi back to Kings Cross.

At the station we reflected on the day, exhausted but buzzing. I was amazed at how friendly the blogging community really is and excited that there are so many brilliant things we can do with our blog.

We jumped on the train and I arrived back to my Hubby and the children already in bed at 10.30. Even though it was a long day, it was amazing and I cannot wait to attend next year!

Thanks again to our sponsor Just Us Box .

Love Always