With the summer holidays now upon us, our summer holiday is filling my thoughts. This year Lucy is heading to sunny Spain with her brood, while I’m heading up to what I’m hoping with be a sunny Lake District camping……………. yep you heard me right, camping!!!

With any long car journey involving children, not only do we need to add an hour on for the numerous stops needed for our recently potty trained 2 year (not to mention my weak Mummy bladder), we need things to keep the muchkins entertained.

As a child I remember my Mum going to Argos and getting my sister and I the latest catalogue each to look through……. its no wonder I love shopping so much now!!

Anyway this year I have been doing a bit of brain storming and have come up with these ideas.


(Image: The Suburban Mom)

A box of fun things, that will sit between their car seats filled with colouring pads, pencil cases, sticker books, drawing pad, and a new magazine each.

r6Snack Boxes, filled with little healthy items they can snack on, grapes, raisins, cumber sticks, oranges, small bite sized sandwiches and a bottle of water each.

Dare I say that there will also be an I-pad for both, Each loves his DS so that will come along for the ride. Peach will of course take along a handbag filled with whatever are her current treasures are.

The kids love to listen to audio books, I have the full collection of Julia Donaldson stories. The Gruffalo is their favourite story and I love Room on a Broom. You’re able to download lots of stories to listen to in the car, from various places, for free. Why not keep the whole family entertained with a story? As a child I remember listening to stories in the car and always wanting the same one over and over, I can’t remember what it was called but ‘skipper loves kippers for tea’ is the only part both my Dad and I can remember, if you have any idea which story it is let me know!

I will also take a portable potty, which was a brilliant investment. It’s a potty with folding legs. You place a bag over it with an absorbent patch, you then remove it and place into the bin. It also folds flat into toilet seat so it’s great for taking out and about with you. We had this for Each when he was potty training, it is also brilliant for middle of the night toilet trips while on a camp site.

My hubby is a little particular about his beloved car, therefore wet wipes and a carrier bag for rubbish are a must have.


(Image: Etsy)

Whatever your plans are for the summer holidays, make memories, enjoy time together and have lots of fun.

Love always