The lovely ladies at Just Us Box kindly sponsored us to go to BritMums and as part of our sponsorship they included their very first date night box ‘Lets go stargazing’.

The Hubby and I don’t often have time without Each and Peach, so this concept is perfect for us, a date night box delivered straight to our door, all we have to do is pick a night and get the children to bed. It means we haven’t got to plan weeks in advance trying to find a baby sitter.


The box arrived via Royal mail, I was excited to open it up as I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. I found a well packaged large box around double the size of a shoe box welcoming us to Just Us Box. Inside I found a tissue paper wrapped package with glow in the dark stars scattered over it. Opening it up I was very impressed to see a mini picnic blanket, sweets, 2 hot chocolate sachets, a thermos flask, a little glass jar, tea lights, a telescope, a Kepler telescope to make, a date night plan, activities sheet and an envelope containing star gazing challenges.


The Hubby was off work the day of our date night, so I sent him out to get us some yummy food. I came home to find the grass had been cut, picnic blankets out, the patio furniture was uncovered and the date night box and some beautiful pink roses sat on the table ready and waiting……….. he’s a keeper.

We put Each and Peach into bed, cooked a yummy meal deal from M & S, popped the prosecco and opened up the box.


We opened up the lovely silver envelope labeled ‘stargazing challenges’. We started with the wish upon a star challenge, we used the little star notes to write down reasons why our partner is star, we then folded them up and placed them in the star jar.


During our dinner we made up the Kepler telescope, I cut the bits out and passed them to the Hubby to fold and glue, I am very messy and of course managed to get what seemed like the strongest super glue in the world stuck to my fingers. We are a great team and work well together on tasks like this (or putting together flat packed furniture). However the Hubby did comment that people could fall out making it up, which thinking about some of our friends, he could well be right. I was amazed when it all came together and so was born our home made Kepler telescope.


Unfortunately but the time we had eaten, chatted away and laughed while making the Kepler telescope it was cloudy and starting to rain, so inside to open up the passion pouch.


We had lots of fun drawing on each other with the lipstick and body paint, I wont show you all the results of the body paint, safe to say it was fun. Having the UV light as well was brilliant for seeing the crazy patterns and naughty words we had written all over each other, we will definitely be using them again for a night of ‘lust’.

Since our date night the evenings have been raining and cloudy, the Hubby will be working nights so we have decided that we will go star gazing on our camping trip to the lake district.  With the reduced light pollution it should be perfect for seeing the stars and Meteor showers. The planet Mercury is visible on the 16th August, so we should have lots to look out for. The activities sheet is brilliant for tips and ideas about your date night, this month it gave us lots of information about the astronomical events and constellations to look out for.

We both really enjoyed our date night box, even though we couldn’t star gaze at the time, we spent time reconnecting talking about lots of random things that our Just Us box provided. I really like the fact that lots of the items are usable again and again meaning we can have a stargazing date night again.

I recommended the box to friends who, being on a budget, were honestly a little concerned at the cost. I showed them the content and they soon agreed it was value for money and they are now looking at subscribing. For any family on a budget these date night boxes really are great, your able to have a new fun date night each month at home, with a theme and a kit supplied straight to your door.

Next months box is Indian Summer why not subscribe ready for your next date night?

Love Always


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