I wasn’t sure how I felt about downloading the Pokémon Go app when Each asked me, however after a few days of it being available in the UK I gave in, pressed the download button and off we go……… or so I thought.

Finding a user name that wasn’t already taken took about 20 attempts. I put in all of the information needed and set the app to be allowed access to my camera.

Our first Pokémon popped up straight away, a cute little bird called Pidgey, I thought wow this is easy. Oh no……… it went back to showing a map and I couldn’t work out how to find any more Pokémon. After speaking with my brother and sister-in-law who explained that the map shows via your GPS until you are near a Pokémon and then you can see it on your camera showing the real world, after I understood that we had much more fun with it.


Today is the first time we have activity gone out hunting for these odd-looking creatures, we walked quite a distance in search of a rare Pokémon that Each so desperately wants, safe to say we haven’t caught any of these yet. We went to a PokéStop to collect more Pokéballs.

PokéStops are highlights of your location, monuments, historical plaques, post offices, churches and various other places of interest, they pop up on the screen as blue box’s, when you ‘check in’ you are gifted more Pokéballs and Pokémon eggs for you to incubate and hatch out.


When you’re out and about looking for Pokémon you will notice the grass rustling which is an indication that you’re near a Pokémon, as soon as one is within your cameras sights it will change to real world and you are presented with Pokéballs to fling at the ‘mon to try to catch it. You will see a coloured ring around the Pokémon it will indicate how difficult they are to catch. The rarer they are the smaller the rings, green rings mean easy, orange more difficult and red are the most difficult and the rarest of them all. The coloured ring is also your target to hit with your Pokéball to catch your Pokémon.

I have been reading lots and lots of information about Pokémon go, I honestly don’t understand it all. However Each is really enjoying trying to catch ’em all, we are hoping to hatch some eggs and catch a Pikachu, which is on Each’s must have list as his Uncle has one.


Each’s Review
“Mummy I love playing Pokémon Go, I can’t wait to see which Pokémon appears next. I sometimes find it difficult to catch them but I keep trying and always get it in the end, I just don’t want to run out of Pokéballs. I don’t like having to wait for ages for another one to appear, but its fun going out looking for them. I really want to get a Pikachu and a Bulbasaur, maybe they will be hiding on our camping holiday?”

I sure hope we do find lots of new Pokémon on our little holiday sweetheart.


We have now got 15 different Pokemon, Each’s favourite so far is Meowth a cat and mine is Horsea a cute looking sea-horse.

Surely having an app like Pokémon Go that at increases a child’s activity is always good…… right? What are your thoughts about Pokémon go??

Happy Pokémon hunting

Love always

Each and Sarah

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