As Peach is starting pre-school in September I have been searching for a lunchbox for her to take a packed lunch in. Luckily Bibetta got in touch asking if we would like to do a review of their lunch bag. I jumped at the chance as Peach is obsessed with bags (already!) and this one looked perfect.

Bibetta lunch bag

Peach chose the pink butterflies but there are 4 colour options, so something for everyone.

The lunch bag is made of neoprene, a naturally insulating material which keeps chilled food and drinks stored at just the right temperature.

Bibetta Pink Butterfly Lunch Bag Open View

I love the fact that is has a stretchy feel so those extra bits can be added, I was able to fit in a plastic sandwich box, drinks bottle, fruit, yogurt and lots of other extras. Making it perfect not only for pre-school lunches but equally for picnic lunches, car travel and so much more. I also spotted a name tag on the inside, meaning I can add her name to the bag with ease.

Bibetta Pink Butterfly Lunch Bag

We all know how messy our little ones can be, with Peach being no exception to this. Previous lunch bags we have used had fussy fabric panels, making them difficult to keep looking clean. I was really impressed to see that the lunch bag is machine washable. We just popped it in the wash and it dried easily over night meaning we were able to use it again the next day. Brilliant.

This lunch box normally sells for £9.99 however is currently on promotion for £4.99.

Thank you for this lovely lunch bag Bibetta. Stretchy, fun looking and washable. What more could a parent want?

Love Always,



* I was kindly provided this product for review, however all opinions stated are my own *