We love a good party, especially a themed one! Between Each, Peach, Pear and Plum we’ve already had fairies, pirates, mermaids and a cowboys themed party. It’s the imagination, creativity and details that go into making a fabulous party atmosphere that we adore…. that and the smile on the children’s faces!

This week we decided to hold a mini picnic celebrating our lovely summer and commiserating that it is nearly over! And maybe, just a teeny bit of celebrating that we will have a bit of quiet around the house?

As we both enjoy crafting and parties we thought it would be the perfect way to put our new office equipment from Fellowes to the test!

With the new Finding Dory film out and Pear and Plum spending half the summer splashing about in the sea we thought an under the sea party picnic would be fun! We set about making some fishy decorations, party bags, party poppers, mocktails and the kids got their craft on too making some jellyfish to hang from the trees.

Read on for how to make the following…

Under the sea themed bunting


Any British party no matter how small or large needs bunting! We wanted to make some with sea creatures on so we hunted down some great fishy printables from The Nuture Store, which we printed, cut out and laminated. Laminating them makes them sturdy and able to withstand being outside. Using twine and sticky tape we set to work sticking the creatures at even spaces, within no time we had our own custom-made bunting. Of course you could do this with any party theme or even create your own text bunting, the choice is yours! Our bunting was hung in the trees and blew around in the wind making it look like swimming fish!

Party Bags


A party isn’t complete for a little one unless they have a party bag to take away. We used our new cross shredder to make filling for the blue cellophane bags (who needs pressies haha) and used it to hide the items in. We thought it was a clever idea for bulking out the bag which can often look a bit empty with a few goodies in, plus the kids get to hunt for their presents. Using some lovely rainbow coloured card, we created name tags, adding them to the inside of the bags rather than the outside so it looked like they were swimming in the sea, so cute!

Party Poppers

DSC_0630Now this was really cool… we had a go at making our own party poppers!

For this we used

  • Laminator
  • A4 sheet of rainbow card
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Washi tape
  • 2 balloons
  • Tissue paper cut into small squares
  • Sequins

Starting with a sheet of A4 rainbow card we laminated it to make it rigid yet flexible. We cut it in half length ways and then rolled it up to about the size of a toilet roll, using double sided sticky tape to hold it together (you could also use regular tape). We then cut the top off the balloon and placed it over one end of the roll using washi tape to hold it place. Now you need to create your confetti. Using our guillotine we cut tissue paper quickly into small squares and poured them into the open end of the tube, adding sequins for extra sparkly fun.


And there you have homemade party popper which can be customised to whatever colour you would like! Simply pull the balloon and let go, tada! A safe, no noise party popper! You can add all sorts of items just make sure they are light weight enough to fly out.

Jelly Fish


While we were super busy, the guys got on with some crafts, making funny glasses and colouring in. They also made some awesome jellyfish out of paper plates and tissue paper.


Pear helped Peach to use the guillotine to cut up the tissue paper for tentacles. They used the wavey cutter to create extra special dangly tentacles (they looked awesome) and were able to use it alone with ease after a little lesson. They cut up small squares of double sided sticky to place the tentacles on to the underneath of the paper plate.


The top was then covered in PVA glue, tissue paper squares and glitter. Left to them to dry and then hung them with string to the trees. The little ones loved seeing their finished art work blowing around and glistening in the sun.

Under the sea Mocktails



Cocktail maker extraordinaire, Sarah put her cocktail bar days back into practice, using only orange juice, lemonade and blue food colouring. She added the orange juice to the bottom of the glasses, blue food colouring to the lemonade, then poured over the top of the orange juice very carefully to allow it to settle on top. As the liquids sat together it gave yellow, green and blue tropical layered feel, so cool!! Plus it was child friendly and tasted delicious, although if it was up to us we would swap the food colouring for Blue Curaçao for a grown up cocktail!

For an extra special touch we made little star fish to decorate the straws. These were very simple yet effective. We printed out star fish images, laminated them, cutting them out and using a glue dot to stick two together with the straw in between!


Each, Peach, Pear and Plum all had lots of fun at their sunny, seaside picnic. They were super excited to get their hands on the mocktails, which made them feel very grown up. After they had eaten and enjoyed the mocktails we got out the party poppers and they took it in turn to pop out all of confetti which was super fun, we even had to cut more tissue paper as they wanted more more more!



We hope you like some of our ideas for under the sea parties. For more inspiration you can check out our pinterest boards!

Love Always


Thank you fellowes for the office equipment to help with our craft project.

We used the following items for this project:-