Our new Just Us Box arrived a couple of weeks ago, this month it’s Indian Summer. Since opening it up and seeing all of the beautiful items, I couldn’t wait for our date night. However we have struggled to both be at home in the evening before 9pm, with the children in bed, dogs walked and everything ready for the next day. Waiting longer than planned only adds to the importance of taking time out together.


When I opened up the box I was most keen to play with the Henna kit, I had visions of beautiful patterns on my hands that would make all of my friend envious, but I was very wrong! First we tried out a template, applying the Henna paste and allowing to dry. After the recommended time we removed the template to find that only a faint pattern could be seen. Although a little disheartened I was determined to get a Henna tattoo. The hubby decided the was skilled enough to free hand a design on my foot, while I doodled on my hand. Safe to say my foot is a mess, but we did have lots of laughs in the process, I’m just pleased the flip-flops are not needed at the moment. I have since been looking for a Henna artist to make my Henna tattoo dreams come true.


I used to go to meditation sessions, so seeing the beautiful meditation mat for me, was perfect. I could not wait to┬áburn the incense and breathe away the woes from the day. Having never mediated together it wasn’t something that came naturally to my manly hubby. However after a few laughs and jokes we settled in to it, taking deep breaths and enjoying some quiet, relaxing time together. The next morning it was clear that the meditation helped to relieve some stresses. I am looking forward to Peach starting pre-school so I can have an hour a week of meditation, relaxing to the beautiful smelling incense.


The flying wish paper was a lovely way to finish off our meditation session, we did take ours outside just incase I dropped a match (which is not unlike me). We crumpled up our wish paper and rolling them into tubes, added a flame and watched them burn and float up to the stars. Now we just have to wait for them to come true.


On to the final part of the date, the Karma Sutra game. It teaches you how to follow the bodies chakras leading you to sexual fulfilment and sensual enlightenment. We set our temple by lighting some candles and enjoyed a couple of hours of exploring each other. I am just a little bit in love with the beautiful handmade blindfold, it will be used many, many more times.

We had a wonderful date night this month. It is so nice to try out different things, I don’t think we would have ever tried to mediate together. We both love how the items in the box can be used again and again, bringing our Indian Summer back whenever we feel ready, although I don’t think the Henna kit will make a re-appearance!

Thank you Just Us Box for another new date night experience.

Love Always,


We were kindly sent this date night box for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.