We have lived in our house for a couple of years now and we are lucky enough to have fruit trees that each year are ladened with delicious apples, pears and plums. Last year I made some crumbles, while the Hubby made lots of cider but that didn’t come close to using up the produce.

I decided that this year I would not let it go to waste and make some tasty treats. The plums seem to be ripe and ready one day then the gone over the next day, so plum jam seemed like a great place to start.


We do eat lots of plums from our tree as they are the most delicious juicy ones I have ever tasted.

Having never made any jam before I spoke with my Aunty who gave me this quick and easy method she’s been using for years…… lets just hope mine tastes as good as hers.


What you need
  • 1.5kg plums – after stones removed
  • 1.5kg sugar
  • 30g butter
  • 100ml water
  • tablespoon lemon juice
Lets get started
  1. Wash your plums, cut in half and remove the stones and stalks.
  2. Place water, fruit and lemon juice in a large pot, bring to the boil and stir frequently.
  3. Once boiling reduce heat and simmer until the plums have softened, this will take around 40mins.
  4. Once softened add the sugar and stir until all dissolved.
  5. Add the butter and turn up the hear, keep stirring until the mixture comes to a rapid boil.
  6. Stir on a high heat until the jam reaches settling point. I do not have a thermometer so I put a teaspoon of jam onto a saucer and left to cool down. If it is still runny then it is not ready, so continue to heat and try again.
  7. Once at setting point remove from the heat and pour gently into clean, sterilised, warm jars. I used Ball preserving jars.
  8. Seal them up and allow to completely cool………… then enjoy!!


We used the wide mouth 490ml Ball jars, they came as a pack of six and are perfect for preserving your fresh, homemade delights.plum-jam

With this simple jam recipe all you need to do is choose which ever fruit your fancy and use equal amount of sugar to fruit, so if you love raspberry, strawberry, blueberry or even gooseberry then you can make it using the method.

What is your favourite flavoured jam?

Love Always


Thank you Ball Preserving Jars UK for supplying the jars.