Blogging Planning

Having a great friendship and working together on our blog is so much fun. We spend time together making memories with Each, Peach, Pear and baby Plum and enjoying girlie time together. Sometimes however, our blogging organisation and life get a bit mixed up and we forget we should be making plans for future posts or competitions we want to run. Instead we end up catching up on the latest school play ground gossip, how the children slept, did we make it to school on time or discussing our very good looking delivery driver………helloooo Mr Yodel….. You see how easily blog planning goes out of the window?


When Toad Diaries got in contact to see if we wanted to try out their new ‘I blog therefore I am’ planner, we thought it might be a good way to start planning out our blogging days. Our planners arrived, sturdy, light weight and wire bound – all the bases for a good planner!


Opening up our planners we were pleased to see lots of handy pages, half bullet style sections for notes and creativity, daily to do lists and priority goals for the day. It’s perfect for us, so now when we meet up we list our plans for the day, while having a cup of tea, adding structure to our meetings.

Blogging Planner

We were both super impressed with the blog statistics page and found it really useful to list out all of our social media platforms. It means we can record our growing following monthly, weekly or even daily if we wanted. Adding all important notes for how to boost our followings.


Overall a great little planner, only being proper girly girls we just can’t help but wish we had been sent a more feminine looking design. Toad do actually make some very pretty styles so when it comes to our next planners we will choose a cover that fits our personal styles a bit better. But that is the great thing about Toad Diaries, you are able to custom make your planner, journal or notebook, choosing your theme, the wording, the colour of the paper and the layout. To make the perfect planner for you.

Thank you Toad Diaries for gifting us the blog planners for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Love Always


Images taken from Toad Diaries.