When Sarah told me she was sending me a bunch of flowers I thought yay, I love flowers. But she didn’t just mean a bunch of flowers, oh no. This was the biggest, most luscious bouquet of flowers EVER.

The arrival

They arrived in a very large cardboard box, cleverly packed in water. The bouquet was so large that I presumed it was my Cox and Cox stool arriving! Unpacking the box revealed a giant beautiful lily bouquet. Luckily I had a friend over who could assist me in extracting them from the box. One of the lily heads had fallen off in transit but it didn’t matter one tiny bit because the bouqet was ginormous!


The arranging

Excitedly I found my largest vase, filled it with water and attempted to arrange them. My largest vase was not anywhere near big enough and looked totally ridiculous, so I had to venture out to the shops to buy a bigger one!

Once I’d found them a suitable home, I stood back to admire. Wow, they were magnificent. Truly, spectacular. They looked really, really, r.e.a.l.l.y expensive.


The pricing

I took a look on the website of Ok Bouquet to see how much a bunch of their flowers would set you back. Shocked, I couldn’t believe the prices. You know when you go into a florist and ask them to make you a bunch of flowers? You always feel sick as they pick out flowers stem by stem, creating a paltry bunch of 10 stems costing £30. Trying to bulk it out with foliage just makes it look like you are trying to be cheap. It’s not good.

Ok Bouquet is nothing like that! With prices starting from £20 for a luxury bouquet, most bouquets cost around £30 – £40. My beautiful lilies were the Deluxe bunch but cost just £35! I can’t help thinking that is a really fantastic price for such an enormous, splendid bunch of large lilies.


The verdict

I am super impressed by the Ok Bouquet service and I’d like to try to order some other bouquets to see if they live up to the standard of the lilies. All the other arrangements look equally as beautiful, carefully curated and tastefully arranged. Fingers crossed my other half is reading because I’ve already picked out my valentines bouquet, hint hint!


Thank you to Sarah and Ok Bouquet for my beautiful flowers. Disclaimer: We were sent the flowers to review but as always all opinions are my own.