A photo by Greg Rakozy. unsplash.com/photos/oMpAz-DN-9I

For the past month Star Monsters have been leaving their home galaxy and invading our house.

Now I think these are super cute little monsters, however Each would not be impressed with this evaluation. He knows all about the different families; Art, Plant, Earth, Water, Ice, Sound and Shadow. There are the special rare silver ones and ultra rare gold. This is before we start thinking about the evolved little monsters.

The base of Monsters lets you discover information about them. It gives you details about which family they came from, which collection number they are, then also own star value.

Have a look at Each’s you tube video review as I’m the Wolf Cub, to see what he thought about it.

Starting your own invasion

As a parent what impressed me most is the price, starting at £1 for a surprise pack that includes 2 Star Monsters and 2 stickers for the album guide. It’s £2 for a mini capsule pack that includes 2 Monsters, 2 stickers and their own little space capsules. Other packets are available going up in price. You can also buy the album guide starter pack £4, that comes with 3 packs of Star Monsters, the sticker album and the arena to play games. Each really likes the capsule pods at £3, it comes with 2 Star Monsters, but they can be used in the arena for gaming. The pricing makes them perfect for pocket money spending.

A big thank you to Magic Box toys for sending these to Each for review on youtube. Not only did he have great fun making the video, Each loves playing with them. They have already attended ‘show and tell’ at school and been through wash in the pockets of his school uniform!

Love Always,

Sarah and Each

Although we were sent these Star Monsters to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own, well mine and Each’s.