We were invited to attend this years Scarefest at Alton Towers, so off we went with 4 excited children in tow. Unfortunately Lucy, her man, Pear and Plum were unable to join us, so along came my God Son’s and their Mummy.


On arrival we were met with the large Pumpkin ‘Scarefest’ sign at the main gates. Unsure what to expect when we went in, we found more pumpkins, spooky looking scarecrows, skeletons, zombie brides and eerie music playing around the park. This set the scene for spooky fun and had the children very excited.

We decided to go into CBeebies land first so little Peach to go on the Tree Top Adventure ride. We queued for about 30 minutes for this ride. Entertaining 4 children in a queue is not easy, so out came the snacks. They really enjoyed being on the ride and looking out across the park, trying to spot other rides to go on.

We then watched the ‘Freaky Four’ singing and dancing on a temporary stage at the bottom of Tower Street. The kids loved watching the stage show. Afterwards there was the opportunity to have a photo taken with the characters. although our little goblins wanted to explore more of the theme park instead.


We had taken a packed lunch so sat on the lawns to eat it before moving on to the water rapids. Even though it was a cold day, the children really wanted to go on them. It didn’t matter how much we told them about being wet for the rest of the day, they were adamant they wanted to have a go. So, we joined in the queue. The rapids were great because we were all able to go on together, even little Peach loved them.

The Runaway Mine Train was next. We did have quite a wait for this ride so we played an alphabet game, coming up with a food type and an animal for each letter. Finding a food beginning with ‘U’ was not easy (apparently Unicorn steak is not acceptable). However the wait was worth it, they all loved the train, even Peach who seems to be a bit of a thrill seeker!


We were a bit cold by this point so had a walk to ‘Mutiny Bay’ to get hot chocolates. These were £2.50 each which I didn’t think was too bad.

We wondered into ‘Sharkbait Reef’ to see all of the fish. It’s ran by Sea Life Centres, which I love visiting anyway. Seeing pumpkins and skeletons had descended into the tanks as well, added that extra special Halloween feel. Little Peach loved looking at the fish, she has learnt about the Puffer fish recently so we were spotting them in the large tanks.


Next on to the Haunted House. This was great because there was a flash mob of zombie brides dancing outside. The Haunted House was the least favourite thing we did all day because the children all hated it. In fact the photographs show the boys all hiding their faces. Perhaps it was a little too scary for them.


By this point it was starting to get dark, so we headed to the ‘Explorers Pizza and Pasta Buffet’ restaurant. The food was good and reasonably priced. All you can eat at £7.95 for children and £12.95 for adults. This also included refillable soft drinks.


After we had finished eating, it was dark outside. I had bought glow stick pumpkin and bat bracelets for the children to wear. So we could spot them in the dark if they had wondered too far. Off we went in search of more spooky things. We headed to the ‘Freak Show’ a traveling circus of rejects. They were all fabulous, interacting with the children, which was great. I was slightly worried they would want to scare them all, but they seemed to be very mindful of their ages.


Throughout the park there was lots of spooky things taking place, including the ‘Scare Maze’ but this was at an extra cost. We didn’t go in to the maze, but I’m not sure how I feel about paying extra for things within the park when you pay so much for entry anyway. You also have to pay for car parking. This costs £6 for the day. I could understand a car park change if the theme park was in a more urban area, but given its location this seems a little un-necessary.

Some of the rides were open until 9 o’clock for you to be able to enjoy them all in the dark. I’m sure that riding the larger roller coasters whilst dark would add an extra scare factor.

We ended up leaving the park just before 8 o’clock with 4 very tried children. It was a great day, full of halloween fun. I would highly recommend visiting the Scarefest. We will return again next year for a spooktacular half term. I would however really consider getting fast track tickets, to allow us to queue jump, meaning we would get to go on lots more rides.

Love Always,



Thank you Alton Towers for inviting us. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.