Winter is fast approaching, which is great. I love the winter, cold crisp frosty mornings,  sparkly snow covered ground, log fires, new winter coats and hot chocolate.

One thing I always worry about is driving in the icy weather. Every year I say that I will not be going to work if the weather is bad. So far I have not missed a day because of the bad weather, however every year it is something I do worry about.


I hate driving in the bad weather, all that black ice, extra water and people not taking care on the roads. Each and Pear go to a school out in a very small village which means we have the country roads to tackle everyday throughout the winter. Making sure our family car is winter ready is so important.

Did you know that in many parts of Europe they have a legal requirement to have two sets of tyres for their cars. A summer set and a winter set? In the UK this is not a legal requirement.


Why winter tyres?

Winter tyres are different to standard ones, they have a different rubber compound with a tread pattern that is designed to give good breaking traction on the snow and ice, as well as on the wet roads during the cold conditions.

If you live in a remote area where the winter conditions are often worse for prolonged periods. Having these tyres is imperative to your winter, just as much as a new coat.



Tyre safety checks

Even if you decide not to change your tyres for the change in weather conditions, it is important to complete safety checks. These must be completed regularly throughout the winter to ensure the tyres remain in the best condition possible, so keeping you and your family safe while on the roads.

  • Check your tread depth. Your tread should be above the minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm across the central 3/4 of the tyre and its entire circumference.
  • Check your tyre pressure, they should be checked monthly anyway and it’s really important to before any long journey. Did you know you should only check tyre pressure when the they are cold. Meaning having only travelled 2 miles?
  • When checking your tyre pressure, it’s a great opportunity to check the rest of the tyre. You should be looking for signs of damage, cuts, cracks, bulges and embedded items, like stones, which should be removed.


Winter tyres not snow tyres.

So many people believe that winter tyres are ‘snow tyres’ but they are much more. Winter tyres are designed to be more effective than any regular tyre when the temperature drops below 7°C. They do not harden up as much due to their special silica compound, meaning they are much more effective at gripping the road surfaces during the winter months.


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Whatever your plans for the winter months please stay safe and do your tyre checks.

Love Always,


This post was created in collaboration with Point S.