It’s not often we do much for halloween, especially in a romantic way. It’s normally all about Each and Peach dressing up and having their faces paint. Then we head round to a few friends houses for trick or treating.

October’s date night box ‘Tricks and Treats’ arrived, although it meant waiting a little while, we decided to save it until halloween.

Opening up these boxes is always a surprise, I can’t wait to see what’s inside. This month however I found lots of little packages all wrapped up as part of the challenges. Some ‘Tricks’ and others ‘Treats’. Included in the box were 2 face masks. A very pretty little lace bat mask and much more manly bat, some cob webbing, skull drinking glasses, sweeties and a pack of playing cards.

My pretty mask

We started our date night as we normally do, with a lovely glass of wine while we read through the challenges. Starting with ‘Ghoulish Games’ trivia quiz. Each game has a winner and a loser, the winner picking ‘treat’ and the looser a ‘trick’. I’m rubbish at trivia. I mean who knew that a fear of halloween is called ‘Samhainophobia’ …. not me thats for sure. I ended up with a trick and the Hubby a treat.

On to ‘What would you do?’ this challenge gave you scenarios to read out and decide what you would do. Again the hubby won the treat. He’s a born survivor, clearly I’m not. With 2 treats to the Hubby and 2 tricks to me, we played ‘Truth or scare’ with a round of snap using the playing cards. I had to read the instructions a couple of times to understand what we had to do, I’m not sure if that was the wine or just me. We did have fun with the snap game. Ending up with fewer clothes and howling at the moon like werewolves!


We unwrapped our ‘Tricks’ to discover a zombie make-up kit, temporary tattoos, glow in the dark silly string and a spanking paddle. The ‘Treats’ came next with a vibrating massager and an amazing scented massage bar. Plus some lovely halloween biscuits made by Nita Holden, who is also a supplier for Fortum and Mason.

We had lots of fun on our ‘Tricks and Treats’ date night. I’m pleased we saved it for Halloween. I can’t wait for ‘Feast’┬áto arrive in November.

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Love always,


Thank you Just Us Box for sending this great box for us to review. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.