Peach will be 3 for Christmas, the perfect age for really understanding the magic of christmas and getting really exciting for Santa arriving. She is already saying ‘is it Christmas tomorrow?’. I think it could be a long and exciting month!

Recently Peach has mostly been playing with a baby doll she was given by a friend. So we have decided that this year we would get her a doll of her own and some accessories. It’s a crazy mine field of dolls out there, with so many to choose from, and they all do different things. I spoke with Lucy about what dolls Pear had when she was little and she recommended Baby Born.


I love fairies and magical things. This has rubbed of on Peach who loves running around in a set of wings pretending she’s a fairy. I love the Wonderland range of Baby Born by Zapf Creations. It’s full of exciting ways to get the imagination flowing. A Unicorn, an interactive baby in a fairy outfit and the cutest little interactive dragon you have ever seen.


The interactive Wonderland doll, comes in a wonderful outfit with wings and a necklace. Her interactive features include, feeding, wetting, drinking and tears. She comes with a potty, nappy, bottle & jewellery. She has an RRP of £49.99


The interactive Wonderland Unicorn, is the perfect companion for the Wonderland doll. She plays melodies when her light up horn is pressed. She comes with a saddle for your Baby Born doll, hair brush, clip-in hair pieces and stickers. So your little one is able to customise their Unicorn. She has an RRP of £34.99.


This super cute little dragon is also from the Wonderland Baby Born collection, she walks, makes dragon sounds, her eyes and nostrils light up and she flaps her little wings. She also comes with a surprise egg and baby dragon. She has an RRP of £54.99.

We both think that Peach will love these items for Christmas, of course there will be some books, little things from Santa and a yummy selection box.

That’s little Peach sorted for Christmas this year, what are you getting your little ones?

Love Always,


This is a collaboration post with Zapf Creations.