spineless classic poster book

We have always read stories to the children. I’m a big fan of the English Classics with Pride and Prejudice being my all time favourite book. I own a very dog-eared, creased copy as it’s been read that many times.

Each is a very confident reader, picking up whatever he fancies, no longer needing us for bedtime stories but taking himself off to read. I’m told it is quite unusual for a 7 year old boy to be sat having breakfast with his head stuck in a book, but that’s just Each. Our little book worm.

spineless classic alice adventure in wonderland

Peach however very much loves a bed time story. Although they are often a short tale such as Peter Rabbit and his woodland friends. We have recently started to read chapter books, so each night we read a chapter to see whats going to happen next. My idea being she would want to go to bed to read. Not always the case but we try.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

A while ago we watched Alice in Wonderland. I dug out my old childhood copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by James Carrol, and started to read it to Peach. She has become lost in the fantasy world of Alice and the White Rabbit.

spineless classic poster book

Whilst searching for more books to read I discovered Spineless Classic’s, the most beautiful pieces of wall art. A full book printed onto a single side of paper to form a poster. It is then arranged in such a way to form an image from the book. There are so many to choose from. English Classics from authors such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and so many more. Although I was temped by Pride and Prejudice I went with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for Peach. Knowing it would look great hanging in her bedroom or even in the playroom.

poster book

I love that it is all in black and white with the silhouette of Alice formed by the text of the book. It’s amazing that the whole book is printed onto one sheet plus it is fully readable. Reduced in size but still readable.

The lovely people at Spineless Classics are always adding new books to their range. If they don’t have the one you are looking for, just contact them and they will do everything they can to design one for you.


Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland costs £34.99 not including a frame. The post measures 500mm x 700mm which fits into a standard size, all be it a very large, picture frame. I just popped to our local Range to pick one up. My spineless classic arrived in a postal tube in perfect condition.

I genuinely love this concept, it’s perfect for a child who has everything, a Christmas gift, a christening gift or even a 1st Birthday.

What’s you favourite English Classic to read?


Thank you Spineless Classic’s for sending me out Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. As alway thoughts and opinions are my own.