CrossEyes opticians Nottingham

I’ve been wearing glasses for almost 20 years now (dear god that’s a scary thought!). Every 2 years I head to the normal high street opticians for my appointment, where they would tell me I need new glasses. These opticians offer me the same style of frames, the same offers and staff that engage in very little personal interaction, other than wanting to sell you glasses, coatings, lens treatments etc etc. The list seems to go on, with nothing new to offer. It’s one of the reasons it took me 6 months and numerous visits to find my current glasses. Even then I ended up with very similar frames to the one I ready had.

CrossEyes opticians Nottingham

Then I discovered CrossEyes. A Danish company, that are making changes in the world of glasses. CrossEyes started in 2009 in Denmark. We are now lucky enough to have them here in the UK as well. Even better for me in my local city of Nottingham, right in the city centre.

Why choose CrossEyes?

CrossEyes opticians Nottingham

Not only do they offer some of the most stylish and unique frames I have ever seen, they offer a really personal service. Welcoming, friendly and passionate about the products they offer. All of the frames are made in very small batches, so it’s very unlikely that you will find someone else with the same ones.

CrossEyes also offers a transparent pricing structure. Which is great because you know what you will be paying before you’ve even had your eye test. No added extras for thinned lenses or coatings. It all comes included.

If you have been visiting your regular optician for years but you want something a bit different, you can take your own prescription into store and CrossEyes will be than happy to work with you on that.


Crosseyes opticians Nottingham

So, as you can see for standard glasses you are paying as little as £145. That includes, eye test, frames, lightweight lenses, lens hardening, anti-reflection, smear-free coatings, UV protection and astigmatic correction. Which is great value for money. For me, I would be looking at £195 because of the level of prescription I need. Even though it is a price jump it’s still great value because I always have to have my lenses thinned out.

CrossEyes opticians Nottingham

CrossEyes also offer sunglasses, so any frame in the store can be made into prescription sunglasses. They are one of the few places that offer mirror effect coatings on sunglasses, which is brilliant if you’re looking for that retro mirror finish.

Choosing your frames:

crosseyes opticians Nottingam

After you have had your eye test completed, then the fun part of choosing your frames starts. Normally for me this an awful thing to do, as it can take me months to choose new ones. However at CrossEyes there were so many styles that I loved, it was difficult choosing which ones I liked best.

crosseyes opticians Nottingham

Believe me, I am fussy. So to find frames that are different and so many that I actually love is very novel to me.

Why I love these frames…

Crosseyes opticians Nottingham

crosseyes opticians Nottingham

I love these frames, they look and feel like wood, yet are strong and flexible. I find that really dark frames just don’t suit me, so this colour is perfect for my skin tone these sit so my eye brows still look shaped, which is very important to us girls! These frames are quite chunky, with a nice texture and definition. I absolutely love them.

crosseyes opticians

CrossEyes Nottingham is run by Indy, who made me feel welcome from the moment I stepped through the door. I couldn’t have asked for a better glasses buying experience.

So what are you waiting for? Pop in to your nearest CrossEyes for your next pair of glasses, believe me you won’t be disappointed. You can also book appointments online,  where you can see what is available to fit in with your ever busy lifestyle.

Love Always,