baby born puppy doodle

New for Spring 2017 Zapf Creations have released the super cute Puppy Doodle as part of the Baby Born Pony Farm range. Peach was very excited to have been sent out a Baby Born Puppy Doodle to try out.

Puppy Doodle is the perfect companion for little ones Baby Born. Puppy Doodle in our house is a boy, with Peach saying him. I’m unsure why she’s decided with a boy but she seems to know why.

baby born puppy doodle

Puppy Doodle comes with a bone and a bottle. He lifts his leg and has a wee, after he has had a drink of water.

Puppy Doodle takes 2 AAA, which you need to provide. Once they’re in just switch him on and your ready to give him his first feed. Fill up the bottle with water, make sure not to use anything else, you don’t want to clog up the pipes. ┬áIt’s quite difficult to feed him as he needs to be tipped up, then you have to squeeze the bottle to get the water into him. As you do this he makes cute little sounds like he is drinking. It’s is fine for an adult but not something Peach could do, the bottle is very firm so doesn’t allow that flexibility for her to squeeze it. Also you have no idea how much water he is taking in and how much he needs to wee.

baby born puppy doodle

After you have given him a drink, you now need to let him wee. It’s quite easy, you press the button on his back, which lifts up his leg. You are then greeted with the sound of weeing as the water starts to trickle out.

I have to say it isn’t the greatest idea to have a nice soft cuddly toy that wees, because for my 3 year old, not only did she get covered in water but so did Puppy Doodle. Peach could not take him to bed with her because he was having to dry out over night. Leading to a very tearful Peach at bedtime.

puppy doodle

Peach loves her Puppy Doodle, he is cute, cuddly and great addition to her Baby Born collection. Puppy Doodle has been on the trampoline and out on day trips with us. He is much better behaved than our own dogs so I don’t mind taking him with us! He will probably only be pretend fed from now on, to save the wet child and wet dog.

*Peach was sent Puppy Doodle out for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*