Each has just turned 8. How has my boy been part of our life’s for 8 wonderful years already? As I am sure any parent would say, time has gone so fast, from that tiny baby to our wonderful, kind, very clever, yet very cheeky 8 year old. It really does seem like only 5 minutes ago we were bringing him home from hospital.

Fast forward 8 years and many birthday parties. So this year with the release of another minions film it was decided that there was nothing else Each would prefer to do than take a few friends and his little sister (haha) to the cinema to see Despicable Me 3.

Despicable Me 3

We arrived at the small local cinema, ordered our tickets, the children drinks and popcorn and sat down to watched.

The film

Wow, what a fabulous film. We met Mel a rebellious little Minion who leads the Minion tribe into a lot of trouble, while hoping that Gru would return to leading a life of crime by becoming the best villain in the world again. But his wife Lucy and 3 girls Margo, Edith and Agnes have other ideas.

We were introduced to more villains, more minions, Gru’s long lost twin brother Dru and Peach’s favourite new cast member Lucky the Unigoat.

The film was packed full of fun, lots of laugh out loud moments by not just the children and a couple of cheeky innuendos that luckily the children didn’t understand.

The Toys

As with any new children’s film, comes a host of amazing toys to play with. There are minions all over our house from the last few films within the franchise. Each and Peach were kindly sent out a collection of plus toys and a bag each to help with the launch of the new film.

  • Talking Agnes – the youngest of Gru’s adorable daughters.
  • Talking Mel – the rebellious little minion.
  • Cuddlly Mel
  • A cuddly Stuart backpack
  • A unicorn backpack.
  • Lucky the unigoat.

Safe to say that these cute Despicable Me 3 toys have been a hit with Each and Peach. Peach has been going to bed each night with Agnes and Lucky who has to be the cutest little goat you have ever seen. She loves going into pre-school each day with her cool shimmery unicorn backpack. Each is has been playing with his talking Mel and enjoying putting his books in his new Stuart backpack when he heads to his grandparents.

The plush toys are super soft and cuddly, great quality items. They have been a hit with the children. The backpacks are so far holding up to being thrown around and packed to the brim with various items, which is great because often character items do not seem to last to long. Peach loves her Lucky the Unigoat, for an afternoon cuddle on the sofa.

If you are looking for a film to watch this summer then Despicable Me 3 is the one to watch.

Love Always

Thank you Posh Paws for sending Each and Peach out these items. As always thoughts and opinions are my own.