Each Peach Pear Plum are proud to be Brand Ambassadors for Just Us Box since the mailing of their first date night box, 8 months ago. When we heard the concept of a date night box both Sarah and Lucy instantly loved it. With each month came an original theme and we would always find ourselves excitedly texting each other that our new box had arrived and unwrapping our packages to see what this month would have in store.

Most importantly it has allowed us to spend time with our partners, setting a night aside to reconnect and enjoy some quality time together. As the dates take place at home we’ve never had to worry about organising a baby sitter, making sure the children are asleep before they arrive or getting ready without them noticing you are going out without them. We’ve all been there, right?

With all good relationships, we’ve both needed this together time and cherished it. We really have made memories over the last 8 months, from stargazing in Spain to massages by the open fire.

We wanted to give you a round up of each of the boxes we have had so far so you can get an idea of the different themes and contents of the boxes.

Box 1 – Let’s go Stargazing

date nights with just us box

This box arrived on our doorsteps last summer and was an exciting taster of what was to come! We were pleasantly surprised with the contents of the box and the date night looked like it was going to be really enjoyable. We did both thoroughly enjoy our very first date night. Sarah spent the evening in her garden, while Lucy enjoyed hers on a warm evening in Spain on her summer holiday. The contents of the box included a telescope, hot chocolate, a star jar, sweets, a flask, a torch, a picnic blanket and some uv lipstick!

Lucy gave Let’s go stargazing a 9/10

Sarah gave Let’s go stargazing a 9/10

Box 2 – Indian Summer

just us box

Indian Summer won Lucy’s heart and wins the title of her and Sarahs favourite box so far. We felt the concept and contents were really original and well thought out. The items, a meditation blanket, flying wish paper, henna kit, chia tea, silk blind fold, meditation incense burner and karma sutra kit were exotic sensual and beautiful. We both loved the beautiful mediation blanket and still use it today for our zen moments.

Lucy gave Indian Summer a 10/10

Sarah gave Indian Summer a 10/10

Box 3 – Pillows and Poetry

just us box pillows and poetry

Pillows and Poetry box received a mixed welcome at the different houses.The idea of the date night was to make a pillow fort, complete with twinkle lights, stars and a notebook. The activites revolved around creating poetry and love notes for each other. Although Sarah and her Hubby opted for just relaxing and reading in the fort, Lucy loved writing the poems with her man. The stand out item of the date night box was definitely the sheet for building pillow forts which has been used many times since it arrived.

Lucy gave Pillows and Poetry an 8/10

Sarah gave Pillow and Poetry a 7/10

Box 4 – Tricks and Treats

just us box tricks and treats

The Halloween themed box was lots of fun! Complete with skull glasses, face masks, halloween cookies, temporary tattoos, face paints, massage bar from The Herb Garden, a spanking paddle, silly string, playing cards and sweeties. We both thought the box was great fun, not massively romantic but a good giggle and just a little bit kinky, perfect for a Halloween date night.

Lucy gave Tricks and Treats 7/10

Sarah gave Tricks and Treats 8/10

Box 5 – Feast

just us box feast

The Feast box was eagerly anticipated. Both big foodies and chocolate lovers we had high hopes. On arrival the concept of the date night was a 3 course meal. It included candles and candle holders, shot glasses, jelly, elderflower vodka, hot chocolate, popcorn, chocolate samples, a can of guiness, 2 sachets of vinigar, a lemon, a double ended lolly pop and frooties. Sadly Lucy had just started a diet a few weeks earlier and was totally off sugar so it wasn’t such good timing. Sarah felt a bit like the date night was missing a little something, perhaps more of the yummy chocolates…….

Lucy gave Feast a 6/10

Sarah gave Feast a 6/10.

Box 6 – Craftmas

just us box craftmas

Christmas is one of our very favourite times of the year. Both Sarah and Lucy had visions of a wonderfully Christmassy crafty date. Sadly with family commitments, Christmas parties and lots of micepie eating neither of us got round to doing this festive date night. We were both gutted as the contents looked fantastic. However we did make sure we did elements of the box, like put up the stockings and hang the lovely glass baubles on our trees filled with our wishes for the year ahead. We also took the opportunity to make the yummy gingerbread men with the kids.

Lucy gave Craftmas a 9/10

Sarah gave Craftmas an 8/10.

Box 7 – Making Memories

just us box making memories

We thought the making memories box was a really clever original date night. Packed full with goodies, there were lots of activities to get you talking about your future dreams and plans. The box included a wooden photo album box, selfie stick, memories jar, a tin, pens, string of wishes bracelets and a wooden stack’em game. We are both sentimental types and love to take photo’s of our families so it suited us well in that respect. Although she enjoyed talking about it Lucy felt the activities took a bit too long to prepare and organise on the actual date night (had she of known she would have prepared it earlier!).

Sarah gave Making Memories a 7/10.

Lucy gave Making Memories a 6/10.

Box 8 – Lovology

just us box lovology

When the Valentines box arrived we knew we were on to a winner. Both of us are partial to a good cocktail and Sarah used to work in a bar so was a dab hand at cocktail making. The box contained 3 different flavours of amazing gin, a cocktail shaker, tonic water, a lemon, lady grey tea, a hip flask, cocktail strainer, honey, some herbs, cranberry sugar and a book of cocktails. Sarah did her date night actually on Valentines and Lucy saved hers for her weekend away. Both of us loved the flavours we created and had a good old giggle with our men during the date.

Lucy gave Lovology an 8/10.

Sarah gave Lovology an 8/10.

We’ve just received this months ‘Wilderness’ box so watch this space for the review later in the month. Neither of us have any idea what to expect so it’s an exciting mystery one. Love the sound of it though!

Being part of Just Us Box’s first year has been a wonderful way to enjoy our first year blogging. It’s so exciting receiving a new box each month and we love that we both have different experiences of the same date night to share with you. We are really looking forward to seeing how the business grows and enjoying many more of their brilliant, original date nights with our beloveds.

Don’t forget if you are interested to find out more you can always use our special discount code EACH10 at the check out to give you 10% discount on your subscription.

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